Thursday, August 19, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project G4 Week 2

Hey, How is everyone??  Well I nearly forgot to blog tonight since I've been having issues trying to activate my MMS for my iPhone.  It still hasn't happened but I managed to wipe all my music on it though when I upgraded.  (BTW I'm totally NOT happy about that!)

Anyhow, how is the writing going??  I've had a couple of entries so far for the Cover Contest and they are really cool, so thank you for entering in.  I did notice that one person actually included front, back AND spine!!  While I think the spine is not able to be changed I would like to add to anyone who has entered, if you would like to add the back cover to your entry you are more than welcome.

I have been tossing up on whether to post these covers up weekly for everyone to see or wait until the end.  How do you all feel about this?  If you have entered yours already what do you think?

I was planning on making this post longer, but since I've just wiped my iPhone numbers, music and pictures I'm cutting it short. 
Have a good one all

Here's the Rules
Cover to be in portrait (5"x8" or 13x20cm)
Optional: You can also include a back cover of the same size.
Type: JPG or PNG
(If using your camera, 3 megapixel or higher)
Deadline: 30 September 2010
The Theme/Design can be whatever you like.
Maximum of 3 covers & Titles per entrant.
Please consider the stories that have been posted so far when designing your cover.

Judging: Will be done by visitors of the blog. I will post the covers up (with their titles) and you will get a chance to decide. The person with the most votes will be chosen and the cover and title will be used on the book.
If using other people's images, you must have their permission before doing so.
The Winner of the Cover and Title Contest will receive a copy of the book when it's published.

If there are any questions please either use the contact form on here or email me at (Please Use Cover & Title Contest in subject line)

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