Saturday, August 7, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project Giveaway 4 Starts

Hey Everyone!
Once Upon A Time Project has been going so well!!  There have been some amazing stories entered.  There is only one more giveaway so don't miss out on getting your story in!!

As we are so close to the end I would just like to let everyone that has made it into the 'UnNamed' book know they will be given the chance to edit out spelling mistakes/extra words and grammar before being published.  If you would like me to go through and do this I would be more than happy to.  If that is the case I will edit then send you the final story to make sure everything is fine.  While I will allow editing, stories may not be altered or changed drastically from how they originally were.  Sorry guys.  I just think that would be unfair.

Word Count: 500 (min.) - 7500 (max)
Genre: Open
Stories sent in must be the entrants original work!
Entries must be in English
Deadline: 7th September 2010 10pm AEST
(Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Countdown via Twitter on Deadline Day :)
One Entry per person, per giveaway
Email stories to: with subject line as Once Upon A Time

Conditions of Entry

All work posted for Once Upon A Time Project is (c) copyrighted and no work is to be reproduced in any way (e.g. copying, broadcasting, making available on another website etc) without the Authors permission.

I will not be held responsible if this does occur, but I will do everything I can to ensure this does not happen.

Warnings will be in bold red text at the beginning of the winning entries post if any of these stories include sexual content, swearing etc (depending on the words I may also *** out some) and if you continue to read this is your choice. Obviously any *** that are entered will be taken out before the book is published.

If I have missed anything to do with the contest etc.  I will post it under UPDATE so everyone will know where to look.  I reserve the right to add or alter anything to this Giveaway.  Although, the rules posted here are set in concrete and WILL NOT be changed regardless, I may add to this to make the rules clearer for participants.
So PLEASE if you have questions etc. feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at
I had so much fun today shopping for the First Prize.  I hope you guys like this!
Which Includes:
When Life Was Easy - Blue Booksafe
Short Rainbow Zipper Pencil Case
Pink A5 Scribble Exercise Book (30p)
Purple Scribble To Do List book
Large Silver Pencil Case
Black Worm Booklight
Green Heart Hub
(just plug into mp3 player & connect up to 2 headphone sets so you & a Friend can listen)
6 Scented Liquid Highlighters
3 Scented Rubbers (blue skull, green skull & red heart)
3 Twisty Pencils (Red, blue, Green)
2 Tripletwist Pens, 1black, 1green
(Just twist the point of the pen to switch between black ball point pen, red ball point pen and greylead pencil.)
Hopefully I haven't left anything out :)
Runners Up
$15 e-Gift card for each Runner Up.
 (There are 2)
Let the Writing begin!
Here's the Rules
Cover to be in portrait (5"x8" or 13x20cm)
Type: JPG or PNG
(If using your camera, 3 megapixel or higher)
Deadline: 30 September 2010
The Theme/Design can be whatever you like.
Please consider the stories that have been posted so far when designing your cover.
Judging: Will be done by visitors of the blog. I will post the covers up (with their titles) and you will get a chance to decide. The person with the most votes will be chosen and the cover and title will be used on the book.
If using other people's images, you must have their permission before doing so.

The Winner of the Cover and Title Contest will receive a copy of the book when it's published.
If there are any questions please either use the contact form on here or email me at (Please Use Cover & Title Contest in subject line)


  1. I'm definitely entering this one...already started working on my story.

    I know I've not been around my but I do drop by now and then thought I may not leave a comment.

    Still and always a huge fan of your blog Melissa :)

  2. Nice contest! Won't be entering, since I'm an Australian and I don't need any more Smiggle stationery. And plus, I'm no good at short stories, or ANY stories, to be exact. Good luck for everyone else, though!



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