Friday, June 25, 2010

Interview with Lisa Sanchez

Spellbound by Books would love to introduce Lisa Sanchez, Author of Eve of Samhain!

A Big Thank You to Lisa for taking the time to answer my questions, so here we go!!

1. How would you describe Eve of Samhain?
Eve Of Samhain is a humorous paranormal romance with a snarky female lead and a witty, sexy, frustrating, but always charming,hero that will leave you pining for more.

2. What was the easiest/hardest part of writing Eve of Samhain?
The easiest part of writing Eve Of Samhain was the dialog. I have a houseful of girls, and my oldest is a teen, so I’m very comfortable writing female relationships. The banter and slang you see tossed between the roommates throughout the book flowed easily for me. The hardest part was writing the ending. I struggled for days, mostly because I didn’t want it to end, lol!
3. Where do you do most of your writing?
Sittin’ back in my easy chair with my laptop, woohoo!

4. What routines/quirky habits do you have for when and how you
During the school year, I wait until the girls are out of the house, and then it’s on! I usually grab a snack, which lately, has been a giant bag of Costco trail mix, and get to work. The girls are out of school for summer at the moment, so my writing habits have changed a bit. If I want to get any work done, I’m forced to hide like a criminal in my bedroom while I pound away at the keys.

5. What keeps you writing?
My characters! They won’t leave me alone! I’ve always had a creative flair, and now that my children are older, I finally have to time to foster it. There’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes with weaving a tale from start to finish. Besides, if I didn’t write, didn’t get these ideas out of my head, I think my head might explode!

6. Finish this sentence 'When I'm not writing....'
I’m shoveling lukewarm chicken nuggets into my mouth while speeding across town, taxiing my girls to cheer practice.

7. Any future projects you would like to share with us?
You bet! I’m currently polishing up the sequel to Eve Of Samhain. Book two is Martha’s story. I can’t say much without giving important details away. However, I will say this: Martha kicks serious bootay! Stay tuned!

8. Is there a question you've always wanted to be asked but haven't? What would your answer be?
Haha! Of course! I’ve always dreamed of someone approaching me with starry eyes, asking me “Hey! Are you Scarlett Johansson?” My reply would be “Uh, no, but I’ll take her husband, please. Ryan Reynolds is hot!”

9. Are there any tips and advice you would like to pass on to aspiring writers?
Persevere. Stick with it. Rejections suck on a multitude of levels, but you have to push past the hurt and keep on keeping on. Find a critique partner you can trust, or two (insert smiley face), take classes and write, every day if you can.

10. And last, you’re stuck on a deserted island. Which character from your books would you take with you and why?
Oooh fun question! Okay, since my other works aren’t out yet, I will go with a character from Eve Of Samhain. Of course, I’m gonna have to go with Quinn. I mean, hello! He’s gorgeous, tatted up and is the most sexually experienced being on the planet. Something tells me my time on the island wouldn’t be spent searching for coconuts. That is, of course, if I were single (waves hello to super, awesome, sexy husband) and Ryann were out of the picture.

I'd like to say another thank you to Lisa for an awesome interview!

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