Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh My Blog Award!!

Thank you to Amanda at Manda's Movements for this totally awesome award! 

So with this Award comes a little challenge for the Bloggers receiving this.

1. Get really excited that you got the coolest award EVER! Yay! Woohoo!
2. Choose ONE of the following options of accepting the OMB award:
(a) Get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, or for as long as you can focus.
(b) Write about your most embarrassing moment.
(c) Write a "Soundtrack of your childhood" post.
(d) Make your next blog a 'vlog'/video blog. Basically, you're talking to the camera about whatever.
(e) Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, before you do anything else (hair, make up, etc) and post it.
3. Pass the award on to at least three, but preferably more, awesome bloggers. Don't forget to tell them.

Okay, I originally chose to make a vlog and I had maybe 20 attempts (No I'm not exaggerating lol) at doing this but in the end chose to write about my most embarrasing moment.

This was a few years ago when this happened and I will change names to protect myself (not them LOL) from further humiliation.  My other half and I were at one of the pubs that also had a dance floor.  Anyways on this particular night I may or may not have had a fair bit to drink and wanted to go dance but since my other half 'doesn't dance' I decided to go out alone.  I passed a guy who I swore was a distant relative of mine that I hadn't seen in a while.  I went up and hugged 'Henry' and we started talking.  (I'll set the scene for you.  This person was with two mates and we were on the dance floor by that point)  
Anyways I proceeded to ask 'Henry' how his family was and what not, to which he replied yeah good  blah blah blah.  When I asked how a particular person was, Henry looked at me strangely and said "Who?" So I may have said "Your brother you trippa"(Let me point out now, that not once did Henry tell me he didn't know me).  
Long story short I had Henry pull out his drivers licence to prove he wasn't who I thought he was (because I thought he was having me on) and it turns out that I just hugged and had a meaningful conversation with a stranger.  I asked him why he didn't tell me he had no idea who I was and he said, "I just thought you were a nice chick and putting the moves on me."  
So as elegant as I was, I said, "Well, don't I feel like a *insert inappropriate word here*.  It was nice chatting Henry but I think I need another drink"  And walked off to the bar red faced.

So anyways back to handing out awards. Here are my picks!

Stella at Exlibris


  1. LMAO! That was so funny Melissa! :-D
    But I am totally with you, why didn't he say right from the start when you started discussing personal matters that he thought you were mixing him up with someone else? :-p lol this was funny :-D I can only imagine your embarassment and how much your other half must have laughed :-D Hihi.

    Thank you so much for passing this award on to me, will have to think which one I shall choose..

  2. LOL! That is absolutely hilarious. Why didn't your other half intervene?

  3. Stella: Yeah well you'd think if someone thought you were someone else, you'd pull them up too... but not this guy lol
    NotNessie: He didn't know that it WASN'T him lol. He found it funny when he realised I made a complete a** of myself!

  4. That was funny. Guys will do anything if a girl talks to predictable. LOL. Thanks for the award! ♥ Parajunkee

  5. Congrats on receiving the award, its always fun to get one!!!

  6. Congrats on the award. So enjoyed the story - thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks again for the award Melissa! I've posted it onto my blog now, complete with my own embarrassing story!



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