Friday, June 4, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project Giveaway 2

Entry Rules
Word Count: Between 500 - 2000 words
Time To Complete: 3 Weeks
Genre: Open
Stories sent to me must be the entrants original work!
Entries must be in english.
One entry per person
Deadline: 24th June 2010 (10pm AEST)
Email to: (Put Once Upon A Time in Subject Line)

Conditions of Entry
All work posted for Once Upon A Time Project is (c) copyrighted and no work is to be reproduced in any way (e.g. copying, broadcasting, making available on another website etc) without the Authors permission.
I will not be held responsible if this does occur, but I will do everything I can to ensure this does not happen.

 Warnings will be in bold red text at the beginning of the winning entries post if any of these stories include sexual content, swearing etc (depending on the words I may also *** out some)  and if you continue to read this is your choice.  Obviously any *** that are entered will be taken out before the book is published.
A Signed Copy of The Pace
If you'd like to know what Once Upon A Time is all about see here.

First Prize
 A Signed copy of The Pace (Thanks to Jenn at Book Crazy)
AND... A $30 Gift Card at Barnes & Noble.
Keep checking back here as I will add one more item to the First Prize

Runners Up
$10 Gift card each at Barnes & Noble

If you haven't read the stories from the First Giveaway you can read them here.  Absolutely fantastic! 
If you need help with ideas you can visit Writing Forward which a pretty cool website.

Thanks Guys!!

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