Thursday, June 24, 2010

Once Upon A Time Project G2 Deadline

Okay people!! Deadline two is coming up.  Everyone who still has to enter their stories still has about 4 hours left to do so.

Unfortunately for me I've failed to finish my story this time!  It's not for the lack of trying either.  I just couldn't end it.  So I've decided to add a story I did a while ago for Readers on Deadline at Deadline Dames.  It is only short but it's better than the one that I've tried writing lol.

So here it is (Very short, sorry)

Jake thought it was cruel that I’d pester the living when they walked past the orphanage.  When one got close enough I’d breathe down their neck and watch them cringe and pull their jackets tighter. Sometimes I would let them walk through me.  Jake didn’t understand.  It was his choice to leave the world of the living.  Me?  I didn’t know what hit me, literally.  One minute I was walking down the street, the next I was looking at myself mangled underneath a car.  By the time I worked out what had happened the light had gone and I was stuck with Jake.  Once you missed the light, you had a pretty hard time getting that one way ticket to the next world.  I guess I felt a little ripped off.

Jake was leaning on the pole when another walked past.  I got up and as always he shook his head at me.  Before I even got close enough to work my magic she had spun on her heel and glared at me. To say I was a little freaked out would have been an understatement.  I stepped from one side to the other but her gaze remained on me.  This had caught Jakes attention now and he walked down and stood beside me. The girl turned to him and her expression softened. “Jake.”

 In all the time I had known Jake, not once had I ever seen him cry, until now.

(c) Melissa Freeman 2010    

I hope you liked this.  It was written from a photograph that was posted for ROD and while I didn't win I had lots of fun writing it!

So not long now peoples, I'll be doing a countdown on Twitter for those of you that aren't in Australia.  Please don't miss out on getting your story in.  All stories can be emailed to

UPDATE: For those of you that missed out on the deadline last night, I've decided to go for one more day.  So you all have until tonight at 12 AEST (Friday) to get your stories in.

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